GirlsFOCUSED Mentoring Project

~~Referral Form~~
GirlsFOCUSED is a ministry of FOCUSED Ministries, Inc. where our mission to provide support for girls ages 13-18 to heal, grow, develop, and become the women God created them to be. Use this form is to refer a young lady to be a part of the GirlsFOCUSED Mentoring Project and be paired with a responsible and caring adult.
~~Note: All information is strictly confidential.~~

Mentoring Referral
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Thank you for referring this young lady. We appreciate your care and concern for her well-being and growth. We also thank you for your consideration of GirlsFOCUSED and FOCUSED Ministries, Inc. as a resource to touch this precious life. We pray God’s blessings upon your life for taking this step on her behalf.
Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.
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