FOCUSED Ministries, Inc.

FOCUSED Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based Non-profit organization designed to enhance the lives of teenaged girls ages 13-18. We believe that through the Word of God, hearts will be healed, lives transformed, and families restored.
Note: You can still donate to For Our Girls! and In memory of Elizabeth Swamy on our Donations Page

From the desk of the Executive Director:

Greetings on behalf of FOCUSED Ministries, Inc.,

We are so pleased that God has led you to this site. In doing so, He has opened a door and provided an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to you as to who we are and what we do.

We are a non-profit organization with the simple but awesome mission: to help young women achieve excellence. Like other social service programs, we strive to address multiple facets of life, however, we are different. We are motivated by a God-given burden to love and a deep desire to embrace and lift up all of our young sisters. We are unashamedly faith-based and all of our work is grounded in Scripture.

At FOCUSED, we understand that life is often a bumpy journey. As we travel along the road of life, God allows certain paths to intersect for the specific purpose of building relationships. It is through the blessing of relationship with one another that we are strengthened. With God in our midst, the strengthened are also then empowered to achieve excellence. This is our testimony and we want it to be yours, too. We believe you were created to be excellent in all things. We want you to also believe this truth and live excellently!

We invite you to seek us out and make a connection that just might be life changing!
God Bless You!


Executive Director

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From Our Facebook Page

Praise the Lord! He is good! Even when we are surrounded by trouble, He is good. Though we may be stumbling and grumbling through life, never quite getting it right, He is still good!

You are our God and You are good! Thank You, Lord, for being a God we can count on and wholly trust even when there is nothing or no one else we can turn to. We praise You today because we are Your children. We give thanks because Jesus suffered and sacrificed that we might have full access to Your unlimited blessings, protection, gifts, joy, and power.

As we close out this day of prayer and fasting, we claim all of these for FOCUSED. As we continue to move forward, we ask that You help us be sensitive to Your spirit. We pray that FOCUSED and all of the work of our hands regarding this ministry is always within Your will and for Your glory alone!

Thanks be to the One and only true and living God! Amen!

Offered by Tricia L. Murray, Executive Director
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